Mysore Melbourne is a yoga school.

We teach Mysore Style Ashtanga yoga. In a Mysore Style classroom, students are taught individually in a group setting, progressing at a teacher-led pace. In this way, students learn how to develop and maintain a personal yoga practice, supported by long term guidance.

Mysore Melbourne is led by Amanda Ferris. Amanda has cultivated daily yoga practice for over 20 years and has devoted much of her professional life to developing the experience to guide others in Ashtanga yoga. Amanda knows Ashtanga yoga as a valuable method of inquiry and self-care. She cultivates a warm and accepting classroom culture that invites practitioners to learn yoga as a therapy rather than a performance, holding space for inner exploration.

Our studio is open for practice from 6:00am - 10:30am on week days. Led class occurs on Saturdays, starting at 8:00am. We rest on Sundays. There is no class on full or new moon daysIn 2020, we are shifting to a term-based structure and making a few other minor changes. Information about these changes is available here.

We welcome all students sincerely wishing to learn Ashtanga yoga. No experience is necessary. There is more information here for people new to yoga or new to Ashtanga Yoga.

You will find us above Northside Boulders at Level 1, 109-113 Helen Street, Northcote.