New Students

New students are welcome at Mysore Melbourne!  

If you already have an established Ashtanga yoga practice, just reach out, letting us know you'd like to come in. 

Learning traditional Ashtanga yoga is different than dropping in to a typical yoga class.  New students practice in the same class as even the most experienced student.  In Mysore-style classes, all students are guided individually, learning their own practice from the teacher slowly and step-by-step.  This personal connection between teacher and student is something special about the Ashtanga yoga tradition.  The traditional practice will be taught to you with respect and sensitivity to the person you are.  As a new practitioner, you can expect your practice to last 30 to 45 minutes.  Over time, the length of your practice will gradually increase.


We encourage prospective students to come in, meet Amanda, and get a feel for what goes on in our practice room. You are welcome to visit. Just pop in to see us. We don't teach new students casually, so please come prepared to sit and watch

We offer a taste of Ashtanga yoga in the form of a 30 Day Beginner's Introduction, where you may attend class anywhere from 4-6 days a week during a 30 day period. You may begin the Beginner's Introduction when space is available in the program. Just reach out and enquire with us.

Amanda gives an in-depth orientation talk to all new students.