June New Moon Reflection

Being an inward moving journey, practicing yoga can help us to know the peace that exists inside of each of us, at all times. I think this comes easier when we take some time learning how to love and accept our own humanity. If we are in constant resistance to our experience, how can we learn anything? How can we have insight? 

Sometimes experiencing our own humanity feels blissful. Sometimes it's unbearable. Sometimes it's inspiring. Sometimes it's boring. If you can understand Ashtanga yoga as a daily meditation, which it is, you can see that practicing Ashtanga yoga is a way of coming into contact with one's experience of being alive, in this particular body, at this particular time. If daily, we move and breathe, visiting the shapes (asanas) as though they are our friends, what comes to light is our humanity. It is really very simple in that way. There is no perfecting or achievement here...it's really just a kind of hello to the world of body, emotion, mental stream, breathing and sweat. Out of all this, our humanity is seen, eventually, once we stop resisting it. 

So, I ask you, when it comes to light, how do you respond to your own humanity? If you practice yoga, wake up to this. Keep practicing and take an honest look. If you practice yoga, turn towards your own humanity. Get to know the struggle, the tangle, and the very soft and tender being-ness that you are (for now!). After some time, you might begin to notice you are surrounded by a whole lot of other soft and tender beings, struggling, temporarily breathing their way through existence, just like you. What would life be like if you knew that? 

Amanda Ferris