5 February 2019

I've had a rest and recharged my batteries, and it is really exciting to finally be teaching and practicing in our new space, created by Northcote Northside Boulders. Thank you Jimmy, Reuben, and Esther (all from Northside Boulders) for your vision and ability to draw new forms into space. 

As we move into the new year, and into a new physical space, I want to encourage everyone further into the inner work of practicing yoga. My intention and hope through Mysore Melbourne is to provide a sanctuary where people can forge an inward path. There are not a whole lot places where one is encouraged to do that in the midst of a big city, in Western culture, and in times where the senses are constantly enticed. I value silence. I value the opportunity to be in a place of feeling rather than always in a place of thinking and performance. 

There is a very beautiful peace inside each and every one of us. And that is what we are moving towards in practicing yoga. What we seek is not outside ourselves. Try not to forget that! Our Western minds are highly trained in outward seeking. Many people have little to no experience and practice in the art of turning inwards. And because of that, even yoga becomes an outward seeking act, where asanas are literally performed, and the mind searches the internet, social media and whatnot for more and more information and approval to feed off of.

Practicing yoga is really very simple. All you need to do is roll out your mat, stand on it, and just take it one breath at a time. Discover what is with you as you move and breathe. Observe where it is you are relating to yourself from. Try to be a little bit gentler, a little bit more truthful, and a little bit more present. Just working gently in this way, we can get to know ourselves a little better and we come into contact with some of the stuff that gets in the way of knowing the peace inside ourselves. Keeping up our efforts over time allows us to process and integrate what arises within us. 

Every day is fresh. Every breath is fresh. Every day and every breath is a good one on which to start again. :)

Amanda Ferris