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amanda ferris, Director and level 2 authorised teacher

I am a KPJAYI Level 2 Authorised teacher and direct student of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, Sharath Jois, and Saraswati Jois. I am authorised to teach the primary and full intermediate series. The lifespan of my practice in the Ashtanga yoga tradition reaches past 19 years and I have been working in Mysore-style classrooms for over 15 years.  

My first Ashtanga yoga teacher was Vance Selover, from who I began learning the method in Portland, Oregon in 1999. In 2001, I began practicing with Dena Kingsberg in Byron Bay, Australia. During a six and a half year period (2001-2007), Dena guided me through half of the Advanced A series, taught me the full Ashtanga pranayama, mentored me, and allowed me to assist her in classes. Concurrently, in 2004, I began making regular extended visits to Mysore, India where I became a KPJAYI student.  I continue to travel to Mysore to be with my current teacher, Sharath Jois. 

My daily practice is ongoing. Asana, pranayama and sitting meditation help me to cultivate presence in my daily life and relationships. Through yoga, I'm learning to be attuned to and aligned with life as it arises within and around me, rather than in opposition to it.

I develop and nourish myself further through reading and study and listening to the teachings of no-dual awake teachers Adyashanti and Mooji. 

I live in Melbourne's Inner North.  I am raising a little boy, who grows a lot faster than I do. I like to drink strong, milky tea, enjoy and have natural talents in design, and love to read poems by the Sufi poet Hafiz. I have a Bachelor's degree from Sarah Lawrence College (New York) and I studied Landscape Architecture at a post-graduate level at the University of Melbourne. Life is very full.  And thankfully through yoga, space is always found. 

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Ashley von Arx, level 2 Authorised Teacher

Ashley is a KPJAYI level 2 Authorised teacher from Canada.  She began practice in 2008, assisted Sharath Jois in the KPJAYI Shala in 2011, and has been teaching since 2012, mostly in Sydney, but also in Japan.  Ashley teaches Mysore Style class on Monday mornings and acts a support teacher, regularly filling in for Amanda. 


Lara fullenweider, studio assistant

Lara assists Amanda at Mysore Melbourne and also collaborates with her on a nascent joint project, www.mysoremornings.com

Lara is an academic by trade; she recently completed her Ph. D. dissertation on settler colonial policy and Indigenous art in Canada. When she is not researching, writing, or practicing at Mysore Melbourne, Lara knits and bakes gluten free bread, or hikes and gawks at the incredible audacity of Australian birds whilst trying to capture the whimsy of eucalypts on an iPhone. 


Rob Kocovski, studio assistant

Rob supports Amanda at Mysore Melbourne, assisting with both Mysore-style and led classes. Rob and Amanda collaborate on an Instagram project @mysoremoondays

Rob worked for seven years in corporate finance. As he dropped more deeply into his yoga practice, he made the decision to change his life. Leaving behind his corporate career, Rob followed his heart all the way to Mysore, India, where he studied under Saraswathi Jois at KPJAYI in Mysore in 2013. 

Rob is a Reiki practitioner and teaches corporate yoga programs. Being in nature makes him happy. He also enjoys reading, playing guitar (very badly), drinking tea with people he likes and hanging out with his three nephews.