Mysore Program

Monday-Friday 6:00am-8:30am Mysore-Style Class (teaching finishes at 8:15am, doors close at 8:30am)

Saturday 7:00-8:30am Led Class

*No class on full or new moon days. 

We aim to inspire a genuine and ongoing Ashtanga yoga practice.  Students wishing to partake in our program are expected to attend classes at least three times a week. 

Please email Amanda before your first visit. 

New students are welcome. No experience is required. Find out more information here. 


about Mysore-Style Classes

A Mysore-style class is one where students are taught individually in a group setting.  A typical class contains a range of practitioners from absolute beginners to adept practitioners.  The class is mostly silent.  You will hear only the breathing of other practitioners and the occasional voice of the teacher, who uses both words and hands on instruction.  The class is both guided and supported in the hands of an experienced Mysore-style teacher.  


about Led Class

During a led class, the teacher counts in sanskrit whilst students move and breathe as a group. This class functions as a helpful weekly opportunity to clarify one's understanding of timing and practice details. 



Conference is a monthly  event occurring after led class. It is both a teaching and community building exercise. We drink chai, learn to chant sanskrit mantras relevant to our tradition, discuss yoga philosophy, and explore other practice details. 

Moon days for Melbourne, Australia 2018

We rest on full and new moon days. No class on the following dates!


Tuesday 2 January – Full Moon

Wednesday 17 January – New Moon


Thursday 1 February – Full Moon

Friday 16 February – New Moon


Friday 2 March – Full Moon

Sunday 18 March – New Moon

Saturday 31 March – Full Moon


Monday 16 April – New Moon

Monday 30 April – Full Moon


Tuesday 15 May – New Moon

Wednesday 30 May – Full Moon


Thursday 14 June – New Moon

Thursday 28 June – Full Moon


Friday 13 July – New Moon

Saturday 28 July – Full Moon


Saturday 11 August – New Moon

Sunday 26 August – Full Moon


Monday 10 September – New Moon

Tuesday 25 September – Full Moon


Tuesday 9 October – New Moon

Thursday 25 October –  Full Moon


Thursday 8 November – New Moon

Friday 23 November – Full Moon


Friday 7 December  – New Moon

Sunday 23 December – Full Moon