Soak it up.

It is a very good idea to begin the day by gazing upon something gold, like the sun, for example, just as it peeps over the horizon. Or perhaps, you could gaze upon a candle flame, like I do, each time I sit at the altar and prepare to chant the morning mantras. If you drink in the golden colour (drink it with your eyes), it will nourish your mind and heart. Don't just look at the light, instead, soak it up like a sponge would soak up water. 

When you chant a mantra, whether it be the simple and complete sound that is Om, or whether it is something else, don't forget to feel the vibration in your body. Let the vibration penetrate. Don't get caught up in ideas of being good or bad at what you are doing. Just bathe in the sound. Be a sound sponge.

Your daily Mysore-style Ashtanga yoga practice is not a performance. It is a therapy. We do this therapy and it has an effect on us. You could practice like a front row, super star-gymnast and impress everyone. You could glance over your shoulder and check to make sure they all see you, killin' it. Or, you could practice like you are a sponge, soaking up breath, letting the effects of your practice slowly show themselves to you. And if you glance over your shoulder, you might just smile, when you see all the other humans (sponges?) you are sharing this journey with. 

May we all be blessed on our path. Om. 

Amanda FerrisComment