Embody the Sun's Healing and Life Giving Energy

Once a month, students practising Ashtanga Yoga at Mysore Melbourne are invited to linger after Sunday's class for chai and chanting.  This is a fun, community building moment.  Its also an opportunity to raise questions and for us to discuss our tradition and practice.  

Today, I spoke briefly about the internal significance of practicing suryanamaskara.  In practising suryanamaskara, we develop and focus our mental energy.  The strength to press on through later phases of practice slowly comes through this foundation.  We also endear Surya, the sun god, and can reflect on the life and health giving effects of the sun itself.  

Following on from this brief talk, we chanted a prayer appealing to Surya that we may have the good fortune of having good thoughts, hearing and speaking only good words, and of attaining a sound and strong body so that we may live a good life and one day realise our true nature.  

Please join us next month!  Chai and Chanting dates are always announced in the newsletter and on the chalkboard at the studio.  

Amanda FerrisComment