Hush Now

I feel a tender warmth beginning to spread around the room at Mysore Melbourne.  And, I’m not talking about the fact we had the heater on nearly every morning in January (just like back home in the USA!). 

 If we are quiet enough in these early practice sessions, we can feel energy rising and falling gracefully around us.  Our bodies move with breath.  Careful learning and attention allow us to settle into a pattern that we repeat over and over, day after day.  Does the pattern seem boring?  It may, at times.  Its purpose is not to entertain us.  Through practice, we can become aware of our own energy rising and falling gracefully inside us.  Through traditional practice patterns (6 days a week, resting during menstruation and on full and new moon days) we may come to know how we are we not separate from what is around us. 

 So be quiet.  Listen.  Feel it. 

Amanda FerrisComment