New Practitioners Learning Ashtanga Yoga with Mysore Melbourne

Mysore Melbourne is offering a One Week Trial Pass to beginners and practitioners new to our Ashtanga yoga program.  I'm delighted to see a few people taking advantage of this offering!  

The One Week Trial is it a great way for established practitioners to try out the feel of our studio, my teaching, and our Brunswick East location.  

Its also an opportunity for beginners to learn our practice as it is traditionally taught.  Beginners who learn in our Mysore-style classes are taught individually from day one.  From the moment you walk in the door, we begin a relationship between teacher and student.  The traditional method is delivered with consideration of you as a whole person, embarking on an internal journey, with the hope you will travel long and far.  

Thank you to the people who are giving Mysore Melbourne shape.  Its been a wonderful 2 weeks running.  I'm grateful and blessed to be building something sweet in Inner North Melbourne.  Yum!!

Amanda FerrisComment