Classes Have Begun!

It was a wonderful first morning at AKA Studio in East Brunswick.  I have been anticipating this day for quite a few months and I am happy it has finally come!  I had imagined my early arrival would allow time to set up the altar slowly, to sit and chant mantras and soak up the energy of the space.  To my surprise, not long after I walked in the door, I found it opening behind me, with new faces emerging.  Thank you to the 10 souls who came in today and blessed the beginning of our program with their presence.  

Whilst its very exciting starting something new, I must admit, I am even more excited about becoming a steady Inner North Melbourne fixture...a daily offering...and a community of practitioners.  Over a period of 16 years of traditional ashtanga yoga practice, I have come to know deep strength and steadiness as well as softness and kindness.  My heart is full of love for my teacher and the ongoing process he guides me through.  I'm honoured to share with you what I can of this amazing and forever unfolding practice.  


Amanda FerrisComment