Sunlight and Parampara

Ashtanga yoga practitioners in Melbourne are blessed this week.  We are visited by Peter Sanson, a senior teacher in our lineage.  I'm grateful to my friend Karyn Grenfell, who has worked hard to bring him to us at her studio and has done so for a few years now.  

Peter inspires me.  My practice time with him has been brief.  However, I have felt strongly and positively influenced by him.  Practice feels softer.  I become more aware of hardness and holding in myself, but also I see the way through...sometimes a little laugh or a small adjustment is the revealer or the reliever.  Peter also inspires me in his commitment to our practice, to our worldwide community and to the Jois family.  He is loved by many.  Its quite lovely to see him interact in Mysore with such respect and love for us all, whether we are Guru or student.  

This morning, I was fortunate to share a moment riding with Peter back to Northcote from the city.  We talked about parampara, which is the passing of knowledge between teacher and student, and is core to our lineage and practice.  As he put it, parampara is something that is felt.  That has stuck with me today as I bask in this beautiful spring sunshine.  I am still thinking of my recent time in Mysore and I agree. Parampara is felt, like sunlight on the skin.  

 Its spring in Melbourne! Wattles in bloom.  

Its spring in Melbourne! Wattles in bloom.  

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