Settling in for Something Special

I arrived in Mysore a couple days ago with my favourite travel companion, my 4 year old son!  We flew from Melbourne to Singapore, Singapore to Bangalore, then drove about 5 hours to Mysore.  It was a long trip and there was barf involved (yes, barf bags are actually handy...well, if you grab them in time!).  But we managed to both stay buoyant and happy.  

The first couple days of our time here have been all about getting my son settled and happy in a Mysore routine.  I have paired up with another mom who is here with her daughter so that we can support one another and share childcare.  I've also intentionally surrounded myself with other families and the children are happy in one another's company...except when they are not!  :)  

As routines take shape, I'm dropping into a sense of sparkling delight.  I am happy as can be when at my teacher's feet to begin with.  But something very special.  I cannot believe my luck!  Nowadays, it can be very busy in Mysore with hundreds of students here at a time.  We are a group of less than one hundred and Sharath is meeting with us daily after practice to extend and deepen our experience of yoga.  So far this is via discussion, questions and answers.  We will also be working on the traditional ashtanga pranayama.  

Afternoons are time to hunt and gather food, do the washing, and keep my son entertained and happy.  Today we had a wonderful spell of monsoon rain.  I played with the kids on the rooftop, dancing and making rain shadows.  We were soaking wet, warm and wild.  Later the kids grew quiet and pensive as the rain fell heavier and heavier, making rivers in the street.  


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