Monday 6:00-8:30am

Tuesday 6:00-8:30am

Wednesday 6:00-8:30am

Thursday 6;00-8:30am

Friday 6:00-8:30am

Saturday Led Class 7:00-8:30am


*There is no class on full or new moon days


Please email Amanda before your first visit.  

Mysore Melbourne aims to inspire a genuine and ongoing Ashtanga yoga practice.  Students wishing to partake in our program are expected to attend classes twice weekly at minimum.  If you practice 4 times a week, you open the door just wide enough for benefits to move freely.  If you practice 6 times weekly (with additional rest on moon days), you open the door wide and, as Pattabhi Jois would say, "all is coming."    

All classes (except for Saturday led classes) are taught in the traditional Mysore-style format.  Students may arrive and practice at any time during the allotted class period.  Students must leave the studio no later than 8:30am sharp.  

Saturday led classes are different than Mysore-style classes and have a set starting time of 7:00am. Led classes are not appropriate for absolute beginners.

Monthly chai, chant and chat sessions are held after Saturday led class. This is an opportunity to connect as a community, to expand our understanding of the Ashtanga tradition, and to raise questions that arise on the path. These sessions are announced in the monthly newsletter.  

There is no prerequisite for learning Ashtanga yoga at Mysore Melbourne.  This tradition is taught to the individual at an appropriate pace, which is not the same for everyone.  In some cases, specific health concerns are best addressed in private sessions.  Contact Amanda via email to discuss availability.  

Reduced fees are available to full time students who present a valid student ID.  

14-17 year olds accompanied by a parent or guardian are invited to attend at half price.  


Studio Closures

Mysore Melbourne closes annually during the Christmas and New Year period.  We also close on selected public holidays.  Other studio closures will be announced a minimum of 30 days in advance.  Active passes are paused during studio closures and reactivated once the studio reopens.  

We will close for a holiday rest after class on Saturday 23 December 2017. Our doors open again on Monday 8 January 2018. 

Practicing at KPJAYI in Mysore, India

If you would like to study at the K. Pattabhi Jois Institute in Mysore, India, please be sure to attend classes at Mysore Melbourne full time (6 days a week). If you make an application to study at the institute and want to use Amanda as your reference, please do not forget to ask first. Respectful action is appreciated.  

There is no class on full or new moon days.  The next moon day is:

Wednesday 17 january